Apr 04

How to Generate Leads Through Social Media

Social media has taken the internet marketing world by storm with almost every individual in the world holding an account on one or more social media network. These networks provide ample opportunities to generate customers and can help your business lock out competition in challenging markets. At Blue Phoenix Web Design, our firm is set up to increase your social media presence and drive customers into a sales funnel that will lead to more customers and higher conversions.

Traditionally, web design firms have focused on building websites for clients and doing minimal work to put these websites in a competitive search engine position. We’ve flipped that on it’s head with the majority of our work coming after the development of your company website. Businesses often focus too much energy on the layout and feel of their website without understanding that a website is a landing page for closing business in an already active sales funnel. A website doesn’t need to be “state of the art” to be successful (although we do produce “state of the art” websites for clients that want them). What a website needs to do is a few key things:

  • Establish the credibility of your business
  • Create a call to action
  • Provide important information that will give customers a reason to contact you

Where Design Comes In

The design component of a website exists only to tap into human behavior and previously held stereotypes to create a convincing presentation that will close more business. A classic example was a dentist that we’ve worked with for the past 5 years. His original website was the color of latex, a pale baby blue that would make anyone cringe. After all, what do people hate most about going to the dentist? Pain, metal, latex, shots, discomfort, etc.

We consequently redesigned his website to create a warmer, more inviting feel using a color and design scheme that resembled nature and the outdoors. We removed the latex, feeling website and included content and photos that were designed to be more inviting and family-friendly. The results spoke for themselves with so many new customers scheduling appointments that our client had to increase his business hours.

Design plays an important role in establishing the credibility of your business, but a great landing page without customers visiting it is like hosting a concert with no one in attendance.

Inbound Marketing

This is where inbound marketing comes into play. Inbound marketing is the holistic process across all channels that drive traffic and leads to your business. This includes everything from social media to email campaigns, SEO, and PPC advertisements. Inbound marketing is far more important that design as it represents the vehicle that drives customers towards your business.

We like to package all of these services into one holistic package that our clients can sign up for, but let’s talk about one of the most powerful facets of inbound marketing: social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is not a clear-line direct shot at closing business like a PPC ad. Pay-per-click ads are very direct in that they drive customers direct to your website, but that comes with a much higher price tag than social media. Social media represents a low-cost medium to drive potential customers into a sales funnel where they can continuously interact with your business until they close. It’s a great way to generate initial interest and then follow up on that interest through continual points of contact.

Generating leads through social media has to follow a few important rules:

  • Must make sense for your business model
  • Needs to include a “soft sell”
  • Needs to be recognized as a method for driving leads into a sales funnel with an appropriate follow up strategy in place

How We Increase Your Social Media Presence

While we won’t give away any of our “secrete sauce” in a blog post, we can tell you that through a creative, highly interactive approach, we can get your business visibility in front of millions of potential customers for pennies on the dollar and can provide a much higher ROI than TV, print, and radio will ever provide. Stop sending out those mailers and give us a call today!


Dec 27

Simplicity Wins the Internet War

One of the basic fundamentals that is re-surfacing in the internet marketing world is the value of simplicity.  While Nike made this concept extremely apparent years ago with their simple phrase “Just Do It”, this concept has swept the entire marketing world.

Research studies have shown that people’s attention spans are shorter than they’ve ever been.  With more information available than ever before, people simply don’t have time to read lengthy articles or take the time to search for information.  Instead, they focus their attention on what is simple and easy to understand.


As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Pictures have become a dominant way to communicate the value of services that a business has to offer.  A creative picture that captures the essence of what a business has to offer is one of the best ways that a business can communicate value to its customers.

Dec 27

WebSite First Impressions – The Key is Content – The Modern Economy

*hypothetical company*

2.6 seconds –

That is the time it takes any given person to form a first impression of a website according to a study done February 2012 at Missouri University of Science and Technology. How are you going to have that first impression be favorable?

The key is the content.  If your website or Facebook page has quality content such as images or video, it can flip a switch inside someone to avoid just righting you off.  Our culture has been driven to emphasize visual impact and first impressions. Those first couple seconds can determine if a consumer can trust you with their business. Does the first thing your site convey match your business model and standard of ethics?

Even the most prestigious business can lose business to a company they conveys themselves better through their website and Social Media avenues. If you can have crisp, professional pictures that intrigue someone browsing, then they will be more likely to come back to you with business. A picture is worth a thousand words as they always say.  1 – 3 stellar pictures with a quick blurb description will always trump a paragraph of deep, thought-provoking content.

How much business are you losing right now?

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