Social Media

Social media has revolutionized the way that the the internet and businesses operate.  With the emergence of powerful communities such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, the competitive landscape of the global economy has been forever transformed.

Social Networking 101

Social networking sites can be leveraged to bring business in the door by allowing a business to build a following and capitalize upon niche market opportunities.  The key is to create an effective game plan and then execute that game plan.

Each social networking site caters to a different niche market.  Within each social networking community, there are environments such as forums, discussion boards, and groups of friends that also break up niche markets even further.

How Blue Phoenix Can Help Your Business

We can help you create an effective game plan to target niche markets within your industry.  Our knowledge base of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, and other social networking sites such as Digg and Pinterest can help provide direction in how to best leverage these sites to your advantage.

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Google Advertising

PPC vs. Organic First of all, we want to make a distinction between PPC (pay-per-click) and organic search results on Google.  PPC search results are ads that businesses pay for to show up as ads on the top and right hand side of Google Search Results.  They are distinctively marked as ads and most users …

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Twitter Account Management

How Would You Like to Get 100 Followers a Day on Your Twitter Account? Twitter is a social network that has taken the world by storm and continues to grow.  While networks such as Facebook and MySpace are dealing with tumultuous financial situations, Twitter is expected to double its revenue and continue to add new …

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