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Google Advertising

PPC vs. Organic

First of all, we want to make a distinction between PPC (pay-per-click) and organic search results on Google.  PPC search results are ads that businesses pay for to show up as ads on the top and right hand side of Google Search Results.  They are distinctively marked as ads and most users are aware of this.  It can be a great way to promote your business and can be well-worth the investment.  Ad campaigns are fairly reasonable to run in terms of price primarily because businesses only have to pay for the ads that actually get clicked on.

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Organic Search Results

PPC should never get mixed up with organic search results generated by Google.  Organic Search Results are search results generated by Google based on the relevancy of those websites to what users search for.  Organic search results cannot be bought and can only be generated by building a powerful website that performs well with Google.

For more information about organic search results, you can check out our section on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).