Link Building

Building high quality links to a website is critical for having a successful SEO campaign.  This also happens to be the most challenging task and is something that only a handful of designers and SEO experts are actually good at.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of generating inbound links from other websites to your website.  Each quality link that links back to your website helps improve the overall search engine ranking of your website.  The higher ranking a website has that links to your site, the more value that link has in helping your website rank.

For instance, a link from the NY Times will carry much more weight than a link from a small 10 page website.

Practices We Don’t Endorse

With Google’s increasing crackdown on link spamming, link exchanges, and other means to purposefully manipulate Pagerank, we do not practice or endorse the following link building strategies:

  • Auto-approved Directories
  • Paid links
  • Blog Spamming
  • Internal Network Link Building (using other customer’s websites to build links to new customers’ websites)
  • Including Keyword Phrases in Anchor Text (Keyword Spamming)

Our Strategy

Our link building strategy does not follow a cookie cutter approach and is highly dynamic.  Our team researches and industry to find niche market opportunities and then actively negotiates with high quality websites to land links for our clients.  This quality over quantity approach to link building provides much better results and is a sustainable solution for our clients.

To learn more about our link building process, give us a call at (612) 424-0215.