Dec 26

Social Media – Why does it help your business? | Pinterest

In the past decade we have seen an entire transformation in how the world operates with in introduction of ‘Social Media.’   First, what is social media?   ‘Social Media’ is where people create, share, exchange and comment within virtual environments. Examples include Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Google+, and Flickr. Many more exist for different purposes. In the following posts, we will explore why these are effective avenues to promote your website.

Pinterest | Social Simplicity & Backlink Paradise

Pinterest was first launched March 2010. The idea behind the site is that you can create multiple bulletin boards in which you post your interests on found all across the web. The simple process to post and repost was quickly welcomed by many. By March 2012, Pinterest had gained enough momentum to be named the 3rd most trafficked social media website surpassing LinkedIn.  In 2011, Time Magazine placed Pinterest as one of its 50 Best Websites of 2011 and later in December 2011, Pinterest was found to be getting 11 million unique visits per week to its website.  Currently about 83% of users in the U.S. are women but the site is still growing in popularity.

Pinterest is a very effective tool to market a website. Why? Backlinks. With each and every ‘Pin’ onto a Pinterest board, an image is posted and attached is a link back to your website page where that image was found.  Every single Pin on Pinterest creates another link back to a website.  This creates a great opportunity to help your website move up in the search rankings. Better yet, if other people start ‘Re-Pinning’ your posts and work, it will multiple those links. Create good products, post them, and people will naturally begin pinning YOUR work to their boards!  It was found that users spent $180 through Pinterest compared to $85 through Facebook. Users like the simplicity of Pinterest and prefer to browse Company Pin Boards over websites. It makes people feel less pressure and can peruse with ease.  Currently there is an opportunity for businesses to get involved while it is still relatively fresh. People like Pinterest because it is free from advertisements and extra clutter unlike Facebook.

We can effectively integrate your business into Pinterest and other social media sites to generate sustainable business results. Contact Us and start growing your business for the 21st Century today!

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