May 04

Catering Your Website to Your Target Market

3 Steps to Cater Your Website to Your Target Market

1) Understand The Common Perception

No matter how unique you believe your business is, potential customers have certain perceptions in their minds about your industry and line of work.  For instance, let’s say that you own a computer applications business that specializes in writing advanced applications for commercial air conditioning systems.

Based on that description of your business, a certain stereotype and perception is developed in the mind of potential customers.  Customers that may be considering the services that you offer will expect your company to be innovative, professional, and technology-driven.  They will also expect your current website to reflect these qualities or they may question the credibility of your business.

Understanding the common perceptions that potential customers have about your business is vital for capturing market share and increasing profitability.

2) Understand The Needs of Your Target Market

All businesses have needs and ways that they feel they can improve their business model to drive revenue.  The most important thing for your business is to identify what those needs and desires are.  This should then translate into every form of marketing that you present to potential customers including your website.

3) Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition

In any industry, you will run into competition for the same business.  You will want to understand what separates your business apart from the dozens of other companies that may be competing for the same market share.  What value do you provide to the customer that no one else can replicate?  Are you more reliable?  Do you have more experience?  Are you better at what you do?  All of these things formulate together to form what is called your company’s “Value Proposition”.

Your company’s value proposition is a proposition about how you will add value to the customer.  Establishing this in your relationships with potential customers and then communicating this clearly via your website is the key to running a successful business.

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