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What the Experts Are Saying…

“What are Small Business owners losing by NOT having a Web site? Customers.”

– Outspoken Media

“Your Web site can be your single most important marketing and sales tool.”

– Gabriel Shaoolian, NY Times

“Considering people are shifting their entire lives online, advertisers are overspending on TV and print, and drastically underspending on Internet ads.”

– Forbes

Take Your Business to the Next Level with a Custom Website From Blue Phoenix Web Design.

Fingall Hall Re-Design

Did you know?

Research shows that over 80% of consumers research products and services online. They research everything from contractors to restaurants and apartments for rent. Just about every consumer that has internet access will do some form of research before deciding to make a purchase or use a service.

On top of all this, only 55% of all small businesses even have a website!

What This Means for Your Business

This means that if your business does not have a website, you are losing customers. Plain and simple.

Businesses that have websites will have a guaranteed competitive advantage over businesses that do not have websites. Not only does it help customers find you, but it also affects the credibility of your business in the minds of potential customers. Having a poorly constructed website, a website that people can’t find through Google, or not even having a website are all major factors that will hinder the credibility of your business.

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WordPress Web Design

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