Dec 27

WebSite First Impressions – The Key is Content – The Modern Economy

*hypothetical company*

2.6 seconds –

That is the time it takes any given person to form a first impression of a website according to a study done February 2012 at Missouri University of Science and Technology. How are you going to have that first impression be favorable?

The key is the content.  If your website or Facebook page has quality content such as images or video, it can flip a switch inside someone to avoid just righting you off.  Our culture has been driven to emphasize visual impact and first impressions. Those first couple seconds can determine if a consumer can trust you with their business. Does the first thing your site convey match your business model and standard of ethics?

Even the most prestigious business can lose business to a company they conveys themselves better through their website and Social Media avenues. If you can have crisp, professional pictures that intrigue someone browsing, then they will be more likely to come back to you with business. A picture is worth a thousand words as they always say.  1 – 3 stellar pictures with a quick blurb description will always trump a paragraph of deep, thought-provoking content.

How much business are you losing right now?

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