Apr 24

Why WordPress Site’s are Superior to Normal Websites

WordPress has managed to generate a lot of hype over the past few years primarily for the fact that it can allow users to create and edit their own pages, manage a blog, and post pictures.  It’s become so incredibly popular that almost 20% of the internet is now powered by WordPress.

The other factor that has also made WordPress our preferred platform for building websites is that WordPress websites drastically outperform normal websites.

Our Case Studies

Our initial case study was our own company website.  We installed WordPress as a blogging platform and had the rest of our website set up as a static site.  This decision alone caused a 5x increase in web traffic and a 5x increase in hits on our site.  We also managed to catapult ourselves in search engine rankings and starting getting contacts via e-mail for web projects.

We’ve also sold this knowledge to some of our clients and have seen them gain traffic increases of as much as 200-300% from simply having a WordPress blog installed directly on their site.

Among sites that are entirely built on the WordPress platform, we have seen even greater traffic results.  A small local church website that we built entirely on the WordPress platform is currently on pace to generate 6,000 unique visitors and over 100,000 hits just in its first year!

WordPress Blog vs WordPress Site

There is a pretty large difference between a WordPress blog installed on a website and an entire website built on the WordPress platform.  Entire websites that are built on the WordPress platform outperform normal websites with just a WordPress blog installed on them any day of the week.

Having said that, a website with just a WordPress blog installed on it will easily outperform a normal website that does not use WordPress.  That’s how powerful this application is.

Why WordPress is So Powerful

Dynamic Content

WordPress generates “dynamic content,” which means that content and pages are generated by the application.  This is vastly different that a normal “static” website where a 10 page site only has 10 actual pages.

The way that dynamic content in WordPress works is that based on one piece of information (like a blog post), multiple pages are created.  This allows a website to grow substantially larger than a normal website with very little effort on the part of the website owner.  A 10 page website with a few blog posts can easily turn into a 200 page site.

Websites with dynamic content rank much higher in search engine rankings due to the fact that there is more content for search engines to index.  A 200 page dynamically generated website will blow a 40 page website out of the water.

Other Perks About WordPress

Ability to Manage Own Site

One of the most prominent advantages to a WordPress-powered website is that the website owner can manage their own website without any web design knowledge or expertise.  Website owners can simply log in and edit existing pages, create new pages, post pictures, and blog all from an administrative control panel.

We’ve found that this feature is something that our clients highly value, which is why we prefer to build this type of website for our customers.

Multiple Users

WordPress also offers the ability for a website owner to create multiple users that can access the website and make changes.  The administrative owner can also limit these privileges based on the specific roles that it may want users to have.

For instance, let’s say that a business owner wants to have a secretary update the company news feed but doesn’t want her to be able to change web pages on the site.  This business owner also wants to be able to review drafts of these news feed postings before they go live just to make sure that it accurately reflects the views of his business.

In a matter of 20 seconds, this owner could set up an account for his secretary as an “author” on his site and could forward instructions to her for how to update the news feed.  The secretary would then be able to generate postings that could be saved as drafts in WordPress.  The business owner, regardless of his location, could log in and approve these drafts for them to go live on the website.


The WordPress team of developers have manage to eliminate numerous cross-scripting vulnerabilities in WordPress that leave many other websites at risk of getting hacked.  It also provides a secure, encrypted login to all administrative control panels to keep the site secure.  An SSL certificate can be purchased and installed on the site to further protect and guard administrative data.


WordPress powered website are superior to normal websites for a number of reasons.  They perform better, generate more web traffic, and achieve higher search engine rankings.

These sites also give their respective owners complete control over their website and also them a number of advantages that would not be possible with a normal website.

If you have any questions about WordPress or would like a free evaluation of your current website, feel free to give us a call at 651-769-3988.


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