Dec 01

World Domination and Google

Google has been in the center of the limelight for quite a while. Just a few years ago, we didn’t even know what Google means but now Google has become such a commonly used term that people now say “Google it” instead of “search it”. With their simplistic design and an amazing search engine algorithm, one cannot help but wonder if world domination and Google is not too far away in the near future. If people ever need to search for anything, Google has all the answers.

It has even replaced the way we do our research. Instead of reading books and going through numerous files, one can just type in the comfort of his home and search on Google what he wants to find. A few seconds later and all the answer will pop up. This is indeed why a lot of people now rely on Google for all their various questions and needs. It is particularly popular at the present time for students to just copy and paste what they searched in Google than to go to their school’s library and write down notes. It’s fast, easy and efficient.

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